Why the most recent Adobe Creative Suite updates are confusing, confusing, and confusing

The most recent updates to the Creative Suite for Adobe Reader were not only confusing for many, they also caused some headaches for Adobe and other third-party vendors, with some users seeing their software broken in a number of places.

While some users were able to fix some of the issues they encountered by simply downloading and uninstalling the update, many users were still left with an unusable version of their program.

“When we released Creative Suite 13.0.3 for Adobe Creative Cloud last summer, we made the following commitment: we would not allow third-parties to use the Adobe Creative Platform to make derivative works of our products, including derivatives of our software and derivatives of third-Party content,” Adobe said in a blog post.

“We would not enable the use of third parties to create derivatives of the Adobe Suite, including derivative versions of third party content, and we would stop allowing third- Party software to use Adobe Suite.”

Adobe also explained that this was in order to “protect our intellectual property and ensure that our customers remain protected from third-Parties’ infringing activity.”

“With this announcement, Adobe is committing to enforce our agreements to remove derivative software from the Adobe platform,” Adobe added.

“This includes enforcing the license agreement for the Adobe software, as well as removing derivative software and third party software from our products.”

Some users reported having their Adobe products not work at all after the update.

“I had a very quick and painless update to Adobe Reader and a number [of] Adobe apps including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustration CC, and Adobe Premiere Pro,” a user wrote on Reddit.

“Now I am unable to upload or download any of my artwork, as I am no longer able to create and edit images from Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

This has been the case for almost a year, and it seems to affect the majority of my Adobe projects.

What a mess.

It’s frustrating and annoying that I had to resort to using an alternate browser and then a new one to access my work, as my Creative Cloud is now inaccessible.”

The Adobe Creative team has since confirmed that there are several “issues” with the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator updates.

Adobe has also issued an official statement to The Verge about the issue, stating that the company “takes this issue seriously and will work closely with Adobe to resolve this issue.”

In response to the Adobe announcement, the Adobe Foundation has announced a number improvements to the organization’s licensing and support programs, as it seeks to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

“Adobe is committed to protecting its users’ intellectual property,” the foundation wrote.

“As we work to help our customers better protect their intellectual property, we are making significant improvements to our licensing and marketing programs, and in the near future, Adobe will begin rolling out a new suite of free Adobe software that is designed to help protect users’ and creative creators’ intellectual properties.”

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