The story of the Creative Soul: A Tale of the World’s Most Creative Youth

Creative souls are a unique and elusive group of people.

The story goes that these are the people who are capable of achieving anything and everything, but without any formal education.

They don’t know how to write, or how to code.

They have no formal skills or knowledge of their surroundings.

They can be brilliant thinkers, and also brilliant performers.

Yet, these talents are not widely known. 

As a result, many people, and even celebrities, don’t really know who they are.

In this article, we have listed some of the people you might have heard of and their unique creative qualities.

You can also learn more about them from their official websites or their Facebook page.1. 

Bharat Tiwari is an aspiring actor, director, producer and writer.

In 2012, he was awarded the prestigious Booker Prize, for his film The Artist , for his work with the Tamil film industry.

He has a BSc (Film Studies) in film and has worked in the television industry for many years.

Tiwaris films are the work of many talented individuals.2. 

Vijay Nair, a senior editor at The Times of Indian, has written several articles on the creative soul and his work has received acclaim from industry professionals.

He is also known for his ‘Tayut and Kapila’ television show, which was one of the most successful programmes of its kind in the country.3. 

Manoj Dutt is a renowned author, writer, and filmmaker.

He lives in Mumbai with his wife and son.

He won the Booker Prize for his novel ‘A Tale of Two Sons’, which won the prestigious award from the American Book Award. 


Shane Mancini is a writer, director and producer, who has produced several acclaimed films and short films.

He had been nominated for the prestigious Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival for his award winning work with The King of Comedy, The Story of My Life. 


Rajkumar Jha is a filmmaker and writer based in Chennai.

He was also the subject of an Academy Award nominated film, ‘A Story of the Indian Film Industry’. 


Niraj Chokshi has made films such as Shanti-Virat, ‘Harsha’, and ‘The Artist’.

He is currently working on a film called A Tale Of Two Sons, which will be released in 2019. 


Kunal Bahl is a film writer and director who was nominated for an Oscar for his contribution to the Hindi film industry, including the films, The King of the Hill, Harsa and A Tale Of A Hero. 


Gopalakrishnan is a former president of the National Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (NACTA) and has produced a number of acclaimed films. 


Akshay Kumar, who is a director, is known for The Tale of Bhatkal, a film about the Bhojpuri war of 1891, which won a Palme D’Or in 2002. 


Maharashtra Film Minister Pramod Mahajan was also nominated for a Palmes D’Orsay at the Oscars for his support of Indian cinema. 


Yashpal Seth is a producer, director and actor who is also a writer.

His film ‘A Girl With A Yellow Ribbon’ won the Bollywood Award for Best Film at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. 


Mahmood Nadeem is an actor who was recently nominated for Best Actor at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival and the 2013 Sundance Golden Globe Awards. 


Cathy M. Deutsch is a leading filmmaker and a producer.

She has directed films such The Passionate Love of a Girl and The Great Gatsby. 


Pankaj Kapur is a celebrated actor who has been nominated with Best Actor for his performance in Bhatkali.

He also co-wrote The Artist, which won the Oscar for Best Picture. 


Suman Srivastava is a prolific writer who has written over 100 novels and short stories, and several plays and films.

She is the recipient of a BAFTA Award and the Pulitzer Prize. 


Ashish Makhija is an award-winning filmmaker who has directed a number films including The World of Us, Bhakti Dhaat, and Vishnu Chaturvedi. 


Arun Gopinath is a screenwriter and actor best known for directing the romantic comedy, ‘Patti’. 


Sunil Kumar was the youngest member of the group of actors who went on to make

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