What’s the deal with the new £20bn London Olympics?

The £20 billion Olympic Games will bring together world-class sporting events, sporting festivals and the most renowned sports events in the world, from football and rugby, to cycling and boxing.

However, according to some of the biggest sports businesses, the Games will fail to deliver the big-name athletes and sporting personalities promised by the London Games.

Here’s what you need to know about the Olympics.


The Olympics will be held in 2021 2.

They won’t be the biggest ever 3.

The Games will be funded by the UK government 4.

They will take place in a different city than London 5.

They’ll be held entirely on private property, unlike the London Olympics 6.

There won’t actually be any sporting events in 2021 7.

The games will be a “major economic event”, according to the BBC 8.

There will be no sports stadiums 9.

There’ll be no Olympic-style competition 10.

There’s no chance of any “superstar athletes” or “world-class events” 11.

There may be a number of new sports, but they won’t all be developed 12.

There are no “new” sporting events that won’t already be developed 13.

The main sports venues will be open to the public 14.

There could be more sporting events than the Games 15.

The IOC will have no say in what’s happening at the Games, so there won’t really be a choice in what happens 16.

The Olympic Games won’t involve a single sports event, but there will be more than 200 events involving the whole world, including athletics, athletics, rugby, tennis, cycling, swimming, sailing and table tennis 17.

There were more than 1,200 “tournaments” organised for the 2022 London Olympics 18.

Some of the venues will feature on the Olympic Games programme 19.

The 2022 London Olympic Games could be hosted in the United States 20.

Some venues will host events involving more than one country, such as the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo 21.

There is no indication that there will ever be an Olympic final in 2021, but that may change as the Games approach completion 22.

There have been no reports of any major scandals, and some of those scandals are being investigated 23.

There was no media coverage of the Games 24.

There has been no financial impact on the British taxpayer 25.

There hasn’t been any public criticism of the IOC 26.

The US has said it will not be attending the 2022 Olympics, although it has been promised it will come for the 2020 Games in Rio de Janeiro 27.

There haven’t been much media coverage about the Games 28.

There’ve been no media reports about the Olympic security breaches 29.

There didn’t seem to be any “major security breaches” in 2021 30.

There weren’t any major security breaches in 2021 31.

There wasn’t any “significant media attention” about security breaches at the Olympics in 2021 32.

There isn’t any evidence that there was any financial impact of the security breaches reported in 2021 33.

There aren’t any other major sporting events being hosted in 2021 34.

There seems to be no major sporting event scheduled in 2021 35.

There might be a major sporting competition scheduled in 2020 36.

There should be a chance for some new sporting events to be developed in 2021 37.

There shouldn’t be a competition to determine which sport is the best, or for which event to host, in 2021 38.

There’re no plans to host the 2018 Summer Olympics at the same time as the Olympics 39.

There seem to have been little changes to the IOC programme 40.

There doesn’t seem like there has been any change in the IOC Programme 41.

There probably hasn’t even been a change to the Olympics programme 42.

There definitely isn’t much change planned for the Olympics 43.

There really hasn’t much to report in 2021 44.

There does seem to not be much new information available 45.

There just seems to have not been much to happen 46.

There seemed to be a bit of speculation about a possible Olympics in 2020 47.

There appears to have already been a decision to move forward with a World Cup, but it’s unclear whether it’s happening 48.

There did seem to change the way the IOC planned its budget for 2021 49.

There also seemed to have changed the way they plan the budget for 2020 50.

There appeared to be some “big news” news, but we don’t know what it is 51.

There appear to be little changes in the financial situation 52.

There don’t seem any new media coverage or reports being made 53.

There apparently seems to not have been any changes in financial management 54.

There wouldn’t be any major media coverage in 2021 55.

There sounds like there’s no major financial changes planned 56.

There can’t be much media or media-related information being made available 57.

There’d be no “big change” planned for 2021 58.

There had been “no news” in the previous year, and there seem to now be “little news” 59

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