All the best creative solutions from across the sporting world

The sports world is filled with great creative solutions.

From running a new company to creating a new sport to a brilliant new advertising campaign, here’s our list of the best solutions from the sporting worlds.1.

Creating an entire brand from the ground up2.

Working with a real estate agent3.

A brilliant new fashion campaign4.

Using the power of your own Instagram account to build a business5.

A new brand that’s totally your own6.

A creative idea that’s instantly profitable and a win-win7.

Building a brand from scratch without the help of a realtor8.

Building your own sports team using real estate agents9.

Creating a whole brand from one simple idea10.

Using your own Facebook page to launch your new business11.

A genius way to sell your music with a clever ad12.

Using a photo of your dog to create a new charity13.

A hilarious idea that turns your house into a new restaurant14.

A clever way to get a new employee to come over15.

Creating your own social network using your friends16.

Using Instagram to promote your product17.

Creating something new using Instagram’s new ‘Create Now’ feature18.

A great idea to build your own golf club19.

A totally new way to market your new game20.

Using Facebook’s new ad network to promote a new video game21.

A crazy idea to get people to donate money to your charity22.

A fantastic idea to make an amazing website using social media23.

A simple and simple way to promote an upcoming concert24.

Using an Instagram filter to make your own video with a catchy title25.

A cool idea that will get you millions of views26.

A unique way to use social media to get your products out there27.

A brilliantly clever way for your business to build brand awareness28.

Creating and managing your own business website29.

A whole new way for businesses to reach their target audience30.

A funny idea that makes the world a better place31.

A truly unique way for a business to create its brand32.

A super clever way of turning your existing website into a completely new website33.

A wonderful way to raise money for a worthy cause34.

A brand new way of using Instagram to sell products35.

A completely new way that makes a whole new company36.

A smart way to monetize your content37.

A mind-blowing idea that transforms your entire brand38.

A highly creative way to create and sell a whole range of products39.

A really great idea that you can’t afford to miss!

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