How to use creative circles to make art

Creative circles are simple things, they just take a little effort to put together.

But they are also something that everyone should try out, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist. 

Creative circles are made of colored circles of yarn, paper, or fabric. 

There are many different types of creative circles that you can find on Etsy. 

I have seen so many different designs and they vary in price and quality, but for this post, we’re going to focus on the cheapest. 

If you’re looking to make a creative circle that’s really simple, it’s probably time to start with the cheapest, but also to keep things interesting. 

So, I picked up a bunch of colors that I thought would make a really good creative circle. 

Colorful and creative are two of my favorite words, so I wanted to give you two of the best color combinations to use when making a creative design. 

Here are my tips to making your own creative circles: 1. 

Create a color that will look great on a range of fabrics. 

For example, I have a few different fabric patterns to choose from to use in my circle, and the colors look amazing on everything. 

You can find this pattern here . 


Add your favorite colors to your design, so that it looks vibrant and bright. 

The best color combination for a circle is probably a darker purple or red. 


Make sure your circle is really sturdy, but not too heavy. 

When you’re making a circle with a lot of colors, it might be a little heavy and flimsy. 

Check out this tutorial to make your own super durable circle.


Get creative and get creative with your circle design.

The color you choose to work with is going to affect how it looks. 

Choose a color for your circle that looks great on everything and makes your circle look a little bit more sophisticated. 

Remember that circles aren’t always going to be the most beautiful, so take that into consideration. 


Take the circle outside to make it look bigger. 

A creative circle should be really big.

You can do this with your ruler, scissors, or a marker, and it will be easy to get the circle to fill out the entire circle.

It’s also a good idea to keep your circle inside to create the illusion of being wider and longer than it actually is. 6. 

Use a fabric or fabric-based ink to add some extra dimension to your circle.

If you want to make the circle bigger, then you can use a fabric like cotton or linen. 

But for smaller circles, it makes sense to use cotton or wool. 


Start your design with a pattern or outline. 

Ink works well for making creative circles, but you can make your circle more subtle and add a touch of artistry to your designs. 


Keep things interesting and fun with the color choices. 

Do you want a super simple circle or do you want something that is a little more creative? 

The next time you make a circle, be sure to get creative and try some new colors to add to the circle.

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