Which creative Irish gifts are worth saving for?

Creative Irish gifts for the creative Irish are worth considering.

Here are our favourites.1.

The Book of Love: A collection of poetry, poetry, and more poetry by Irish author, poet, and essayist, Joanna O’Neill.2.

The Bitter and the Beautiful: A set of six books by author and poet, Kate Mulvey.3.

The Poems of the South: A compilation of poetry by author, essayist and poet John Taggart.4.

The Last Song: A poem collection by Irish writer, essayists and poet Anne Geddes.5.

The Irish Novel: A selection of poetry and essays by the author, Joyce Carol Oates.6.

The History of the Irish: A short book by historian, novelist, and poet Noel O’Shea.7.

The Great Irish Story: A biography of poet, author, and political leader, Éamon de Valera.8.

A History of Ireland: A book of short biographies of prominent figures in Irish history, including the leaders, politicians, and artists.9.

The Ireland: An introduction to the country by Irish novelist and poet Michael McConnachie.10.

The First Ireland: The history of the first republic, written by Irish historian, journalist, and author, John Minto.11.

The Lost Tribe: The story of the Lost Tribe of Irish people, written and illustrated by journalist, historian, and historian, Peter Kelly.12.

A Short History of Britain: A fascinating look at Britain in the 19th century, from the rise of the British Empire, through to the rise and fall of British monarchy, including Sir John A. Macdonald, William Gladstone, and the Battle of Waterloo.13.

The Gaelic Myth: A guide to myths and legends, illustrated by writer, poet and author of the Gaelic mythology, Michael Kelly.14.

The World of Myths: A look at the myths and fables of the world, written, illustrated, and published by Irish scholar and author Dr Peter Kelly and published in the book, Mythology of Ireland.15.

The Long Way to Ireland: Stories and poems by Irish poet, essayistic, and literary critic, Clare Dolan.16.

A Loved One in Ireland: Selected poems by author of The Life of Mary Kelly, published in 2016 by UCD Press.17.

The Story of the First Ireland, A collection written by author Dr. Thomas O’Donovan, published by UCC Press.18.

A Story About Ireland: Letters written by poet, novelist and essayistic and cultural writer, Eamon Ó Mhyrn, published as a book by UCCC Press.19.

The Good Life: A story collection, illustrated and written by English writer and essayists, James Stewart.20.

The People: An anthology of poetry written by the writer, author and essayistical, Dána O’Hara, published with UCC in 2017.21.

The Art of Ireland, An illustrated guide to Irish art and culture, published this year by UIC Press.22.

The Children of Ireland : A collection by writer and poet Dánach Mac Faeil, published on the eve of Ireland’s independence from Great Britain in 2017 by UPC Press.23.

Irish Art and Craft: An illustrated history of Irish art, published the day before the Irish independence from Britain in 2018 by UAC Press.24.

The Life and Legend of Mary MacDermott: An Irish children’s story by Mary Mac Dermott, published earlier this year on the day of the second referendum in Ireland, published at the start of the 50th anniversary celebrations.25.

The Journey to Ireland, written in 1868, by poet and writer, Clare O’Connell, published for the 50 th anniversary celebrations of the republic.26.

A Book of Irish Music, written as a poem collection in 1867, by Irish composer and composer, Fergus O’Connor, published just before the first anniversary celebrations in 2017, with UCDPress.27.

The Voyage to Ireland : Written in 1853, by the Irish writer and novelist, Fionnuala O’Riordan, published alongside the 50 year anniversary celebrations this year, with a special edition published with a limited edition of 500 copies in 2017 edition.28.

A Guide to the Land of the Rising Sun, written during the second half of the 1790s, and reprinted in 2018, with the Irish poet and essay writer, Conor MacCulloch, publishing the book in its entirety, with limited edition edition editions, in 2017 and 2017 editions.29.

A Song for Ireland, a poem by Irish singer and poet Clare O Feith, published when Ireland’s republican republic was in exile, in 1851.30.

The Love of Ireland and The World : The story and poetry of Irish love

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