How to use a digital compass to find new creative careers

How to find creative career paths with a digital device?

If you’ve been following the careers and careers-related news for the past few years, you know that people are looking for ways to connect with each other in new and interesting ways.

For example, many are turning to digital tools like Pinterest to find more and more creative connections.

However, many people are not just looking for creative opportunities to connect; they are looking to connect to their loved ones, too.

There are a few ways to get started on this journey.1.

Create a Pinterest board on your computer, tablet or smartphone and create a board for the purpose of finding creative career opportunities.2.

Search for creative careers using Pinterest, Pinterest Business, or other online platforms.3.

Add a line to your profile with the keyword creative coop,creatives,creativity zen or creative careers to get a feel for what is in store.4.

Search online for creative career ideas on LinkedIn or other professional networking sites, such as Career Builder, CareerMatch or CareerMatch Business.5.

Find a creative career mentor through a personal mentor network, such like Career Connection, LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Career Services or other platforms like Career Connections.6.

Use the following resources: Pinterest boards, Pinterest Jobs, Pinterest Community, LinkedIn Community, or LinkedIn Job Board to find inspiration for a new career.7.

Find creative work opportunities through the LinkedIn community, including CareerBuilder, CareerLink, LinkedIn Connect and CareerLink Business.8.

Explore the online networking platforms LinkedIn, LinkedIn Jobs, LinkedIn Group, LinkedIn Business or LinkedIn Community to find other creative career mentors or job opportunities.9.

Use LinkedIn Career Connect or LinkedIn Jobs to find opportunities that are already available in your area or region.10.

Create an online community with friends and family and network with others in your community.11.

Create or enhance a personal online portfolio and make a personal project to share with your community to show off your skills and talents.12.

Connect with a mentor through LinkedIn Groups or LinkedIn Career Connection to find a creative mentor in your field.

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