How to get kids to buy your creative stuff

You can do it!

I’ve done it and it works, even with children who can’t read or write.

The trick is not to get them to do the exact same thing over and over.

Instead, you can get them hooked on your creative thinking.

Let them have the last word.

If they have an idea and they want to share it with you, that’s great.

You can get creative ideas from a young age, too.

Start by telling them you’re going to take a photo, but they can’t write it down.

Then, tell them to draw a picture on the computer or tablet.

Let it be something cool and you can share it if they ask.

They will learn from your creative efforts. 

If you have an iPad or Android smartphone, start by asking them to play a video game.

This way you can give them the chance to learn how to program a computer program and write the code yourself. 

Another trick is to have a group of friends over.

Start with a few kids and invite others.

As they get better at playing, ask them to teach you how to use their phone.

This is where you can show them how to get the most out of your software and to teach them how you work with other people.

The more you do this, the more they’ll get to enjoy your software. 

Finally, you should use an app that lets you send messages and share your creative ideas with others.

If you’re using an app like Snapchat, try sending your photo to other people in the group.

If the message comes back as an image or a video, it’s clear they’re sharing your ideas.

You don’t need to send the image directly, though.

You’ll need to show the photo to someone who will.

Then ask them for help or ask them if they can help you send it to someone else. 

These tips are just a few of the many ways you can use your creativity to help your kids learn.

What’s next?

Here are a few things you can do to help kids get creative. 

Create a project or an experiment.

Kids can learn from a great project that they’ve made, and they can be creative when they create something from scratch. 

Set up an activity that you can invite them to.

Create a game, a puzzle, or a game for a friend to help them learn how things work.

This can be fun for them. 

Make a group activity or a class.

Kids need to see and be inspired by something that they can do themselves, so you can help them create something new. 

Take a photo and share it online.

This could be a fun photo you’ve taken for yourself or a friend.

Ask your friends to send you a photo or a GIF so you share it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, or whatever social media platform they use. 

Send them to the next level.

Take a photo of your kids doing something creative, and share the link on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

Share a link or image in the news.

Share the news on your blog, Facebook or Instagram or wherever you find it. 

Get kids to ask for help.

Get kids to tell you about their creativity, their idea or their idea that you don’t know about.

Tell them how they can find help if they need it.

If you’re a mom who has trouble getting creative with kids, here are some suggestions for how to make it easier:Have them ask you questions.

Ask them a question or make a suggestion.

You may have to repeat the question or suggestion several times before they think it through. 

Start a creative project.

Create an activity or project for them to try, and let them come up with their own ideas. 

Ask them to send in a photo.

Let the kids have the final say. 

Show them how your software works. 

Give them the gift of the digital age.

Use your technology to help create something that’s cool.

Share a link, picture or video. 

Add a word of encouragement to your lesson or lesson plan.

Add a message to a project, a book or book club, or even a lesson on your phone or tablet to show them the power of technology. 

Learn from a professional.

Find a professional who can teach you more about the creative process. 

Reach out to a friend or family member.

This doesn’t have to be someone who knows how to code or who has a passion for learning.

Reach out to your friends or family members who are also creatives and get to know them.

They can help provide some encouragement and motivation for you to keep working on your ideas and your projects. 

Keep them engaged.

Keep your kids engaged by teaching them how creative thinking can help your creations. 

Try this on for size.

If your kids want to learn more about their own creative endeavors, this activity can help with that.

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