How to stop the next flood?

I’ve written before about the ongoing flood crisis that is gripping Australia and, in the process, about how our political and media elites have failed the Australian people.

But what if we could get to grips with what’s really going on and start to reverse the trend of climate change? 

The answer is pretty simple: We can.

The solution to Australia’s rising sea levels is clear, yet it requires a very different approach than what has been tried so far.

The simple solution to a problem like climate change is to adapt to the climate.

If you look at Australia’s coastline, it is a huge, heavily populated island with a massive coastline.

We need to make a different approach.

The challenge is not only finding solutions to climate change, but also getting Australians to accept the truth of what climate change means.

Australia is an arid, dry, arid country.

This is because we have no natural rivers and the vast majority of the water we drink comes from the oceans.

This means that even if we did get to the point where there were no more rivers flowing into our country, there would be very little fresh water in our waterways. 

So, if we want to avoid having to face the reality of climate catastrophe, we need to start to adapt.

I think that the best solution is to get to a point where the rivers have stopped flowing into Australia, because the sea level is going to be much lower than it is now.

If we can get our rivers flowing again, the country could be much less arid.

It will take a long time to achieve this but it’s going to happen.

The problem is that we’re already facing it.

In fact, in many parts of Australia, our water table has dropped over the last 40 years.

In some places, it’s even gone backwards.

In the western state of New South Wales, the ground is sinking, and the river system is sinking.

In South Australia, the river is already gone. 

The only way we’re going to get back to a more sustainable level of living is if we stop the decline in the amount of freshwater flowing into the rivers and other bodies of water.

The Australian Government is currently spending billions of dollars to rebuild our rivers, but the vast amount of water is going into the oceans and our coasts. 

This is because the land is being eroded and we are slowly but surely losing the land.

We are slowly losing our arable land, which is why, in some parts of the country, the land in the Northern Territory has dropped by more than 50 per cent in the last 10 years.

The amount of arable agricultural land in Australia has dropped almost 70 per cent since the 1950s.

We have a huge water table, which means we can’t just fill it up and turn it into a lake or a river.

If the water table is gone, we’re not going to have a place for agriculture, which would mean that the food production would be severely limited.

This also means that the number of people who can afford to live there is going down.

The same thing is happening in Australia’s urban areas.

If there’s no more fresh water to drink from the rivers, the people living in cities are going to find it very difficult to feed themselves.

There’s a real concern that we may see the city becoming more and more isolated and less accessible as time goes by.

I’m not a climate change expert but I think we have to do something about the problem before we have the chance to solve it.

The problem we face now is that if we continue on the current course, Australia will eventually face the same kind of disaster that we did in the past, namely, the sea levels rising in our coastal areas and our rivers sinking.

So, the only way to stop this is to reduce our carbon emissions.

This is not a new problem.

There are some people in the scientific community who argue that climate change can’t be changed unless we change the way we live.

There is some debate about the impact of climate on biodiversity, for example.

But it’s clear that we can reduce the impact on our environment if we get to an emissions reduction pathway.

This new research from the Australian National University has demonstrated the potential of changing our lifestyle.

It’s called the Adaptation to Climate Change model and it’s based on a number of things.

The first thing that’s happening is that, over the next 20 years, the amount that we burn is going up.

In a study published last year, it found that, in 2050, we will be burning over a million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

This includes the CO2 that is emitted in the production of energy.

The next step is to convert this into electricity that can be used for heating, lighting and transportation.

This conversion will reduce our energy use by almost one-third in 2050.

The second thing that we do is we’re moving towards a situation where we’re producing less carbon dioxide than we were in the 1960

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