Digital coin wallet company Digital Coin is considering selling its intellectual property for $10 million USD

The digital currency exchange platform Digital Coin announced in a press release on Tuesday that it was considering selling all or parts of its intellectual properties.

Digital Coin currently holds an active license to license its intellectual assets in various media, including video games, movies, music, and software.

Digital coin’s move could open up the digital currency to potentially much larger licensing agreements.

“We have been evaluating the market for digital assets in the past year, but the market is so big and evolving so quickly that it has taken us some time to make this decision,” Digital Coin CEO and cofounder Mark Smith said in the release.

“Digital coins are an amazing asset class and we have always focused on our community and community members to support the creation of the best possible product.

It is a privilege to have been part of this journey with Digital Coin and we look forward to the future.”

The digital currency’s current license allows Digital Coin to license intellectual properties in various forms, including music, films, video games and software, for use by the company’s community members, but that licensing is not transferable.

Digital coins current license has expired, and the digital coin exchange platform plans to renew it for a new license after the expiration date.

The Digital coin team recently acquired an additional license for video games that would allow for the exchange of licenses for future titles, and Digital Coin intends to launch another video game licensing program in the future.

Digital Coin currently owns the rights to license video games in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, but those rights expire at the end of 2020.

The company recently announced it was buying a stake in an Australian video game developer, which will allow it to sell off intellectual properties and continue the company.

Digital Coins current license expires on August 31, 2020.

Digital coins digital currency wallet is a popular option for individuals and businesses to hold their digital assets.

Users can choose to hold a digital coin wallet, or hold multiple digital wallets, which can be linked to one or more digital wallets.

The digital coin currency wallet enables users to hold digital assets on a mobile device or on a computer or smartphone, as well as hold multiple wallets.

Users who are in possession of multiple wallets can transfer them securely through a secure web interface.

Digital coin launched its wallet service in 2016.

In addition to its wallet services, Digital Coin also offers digital wallet services for the sale of bitcoin, ether, and altcoins.

Digitalcoin is a company that has had an active presence in the bitcoin community since its inception in 2016 and is a prominent player in the digital asset space.

DigitalCoin’s platform has a significant focus on digital assets and has been a prominent presence in cryptocurrency events, including the Bitcoin Forum in Washington D.C., the Blockchain in Berlin, and its own Bitcoin Foundation in Amsterdam.

DigitalCoin is the second digital currency startup to make an investment in digital asset company Ripple.

In May 2018, DigitalCoin and Ripple merged to form the Ripple Alliance, which aims to develop an ecosystem for digital asset investment.

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