What you need to know about CreativeLab’s new Creative Lab for Creative Marketing

CreativeLab is expanding to provide its employees with access to an extensive portfolio of professional content in an effort to drive innovation.

As part of this, the firm will be creating an online marketplace for the content, as well as launching a new business app to allow employees to find and buy their own content.

The move comes after CreativeLab secured the domain name “creativelab.com” in February.

In an interview with The Times, creative studio CEO Rajesh Choudhary said that the new platform, which will launch in the coming months, will be aimed at the global creative industry.

“The aim is to give employees the ability to engage with brands through their own portfolio, as opposed to relying on marketing agencies to sell them content,” he said.

“CreativeLab.com is the result of a collaborative effort among a range of stakeholders and a collaborative design by a team of global creatives.”

Creative Lab will be the company’s first-ever international digital asset to go live.

The company, which was founded in 2011, has been working to expand its product portfolio to include an app for creatives and content publishers, as it seeks to provide access to more of its workforce.

“We have a very small number of people at our HQ in New Delhi who work in India but we have around 50,000 people globally working in digital and social media.

It is not feasible to keep our team there and they are looking for new opportunities,” Choudhar said.

Creativelab, which also offers a marketplace for content, is expected to offer an easy way for its employees to buy and sell their own work, as the firm has launched its first ever marketplace for digital content.

“Our first product is an online tool for the digital creative industry, which allows us to sell content on a marketplace, which enables people to buy content directly and get a discount,” Chaudhary told The Times.

CreativesLab will have a portfolio of more than 10 million content, content, images, videos and audio files.

It will also have a global audience of over 3.5 billion people.

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