Meet the ‘creative’ people who are changing the way we see the world

When it comes to creative industries, there’s a very real divide between the people who make products and the people with the talent and the vision.

The difference is becoming more apparent. 

In this article, we are highlighting some of the most innovative people who have come to prominence in the last few years.

We are also looking at their rise and rise.

Here are the 10 people who changed the creative landscape.


Dibyangadong Dibdong , creative director, Dibbong Group: Dib, from the state of Jilin in northeastern China, was the first woman to become an executive at an American company.

In 2004, D’ibyang, then an engineering student, became the head of the global creative agency for Dibong Group, which developed brands for brands such as Nike and Disney.

Dibyang made the move to New York in 2009, where she worked at Dibang, where at one point, her clients included Nike and Zara.

D’igyangs career has seen her work evolve as an artist, writer, and activist.

In 2014, DIB became a co-founder of Creative Labs, a creative agency with offices in London and Shanghai.

She recently joined Dibongs venture capital firm, Dangbong Capital, to help shape the next generation of talent.2.

Maureen O’Brien, founder and CEO of Battersea, founder of the London-based social enterprise The Batterhouse, founder the popular food blog The Baker’s Daughter: Maureen started The Baker and The Daughters in 2010 and moved to London in 2013.

In 2015, she opened a new venture called The Baker Girl, which she co-founded with the husband of her daughter.

The Baker Girl is an online restaurant that serves up a unique blend of local, seasonal and global fare.3.

Niamh O’Connell, creative director at Dabang, the UK-based advertising agency, who was previously the head creative at JCPenney: Niam was born in Glasgow, Scotland, to a mum who worked in a factory and a dad who was a shopkeeper.

She is a graduate of the University of Kent and a freelance writer.

She moved to New Zealand when she was 15 and worked at a marketing agency.

After working for a while, she took the leap and started her own agency.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2018, where her agency is now based.4.

Jana Cieslik, founder, Digital Ventures, a new creative agency: She founded Digital Ventures in 2007.

The company has since grown to include brands such Asda and Vogue and is now working with brands such Dior and Gucci.

Jana’s background in creative agency work, including working on campaigns for brands like Gucci and Guillemots, was a major influence in her approach to digital marketing.5.

Shobhana Rao, founder at Batteries United, a brand equity platform: She has worked at many digital marketing agencies, but is best known for her work with Batterys United.

She started the company in 2014 and worked on brands such Nike, Burberry, and Burberry.

In 2018, she joined the board of the UK’s most successful digital agency, Batteres United, where Battershans brand equity network and digital marketing services have been used by companies such as Amazon, Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo.6.

Sohail Khandelwal, creator of the fashion website, Naughty Bunnies, founder (and co-host of Naughty Bunny) of The Bunny Girl: The Bunny was born and raised in India.

She was one of the first girls to attend a primary school, but left school in fifth grade to join the army.

She then attended a boarding school for boys and then went on to study law at Oxford University.

Her first major client was a clothing brand called Mango.

She left school to work for Mango for five years before returning to her native India to start her own fashion company.

She worked for Mungle until she was hired by the brand to design and market their clothing line, Bunny Girls.

She also co-created the popular Bunny Girl series, Bunny Girl’s World, which ran on the BBC from 2006 to 2009.7.

Adele Jones, founder & CEO of The Bikini Project, co-creator of the Bikini Fashion and Cosmetics brand: She was born into a family of artists who produced and distributed handmade handbags.

She grew up in New York City and has been a fashion and beauty designer since the age of 11.

She co-wrote and co-directed her first solo film in 2012 and directed her second feature film in 2014.

She’s also a regular contributor to Esquire, The Atlantic, and The New York Times, and she has a regular TV interview

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