How to Make a Unique Tattoo from Your Own Finger and a Stuffed Animal

Created by Creative Tim, an Ottawa tattoo artist, a stuffed animal and a pair of gloves are all that is required to create a unique tattoo.

Tim’s website is dedicated to making the most of everyday items, so his project has taken him to places like a local butcher, a local grocery store, a flea market and even a local bar.

The stuffed animal was created in collaboration with his father, who was also the creator of the stuffed animal.

“I wanted to make something that would be memorable,” Tim says.

“But I wanted it to look like my family.”

A few of the items in the project include a stuffed bear, a horse, a dog and a cat.

Tim describes it as a “breath-taking” project.

He started with the stuffed bear because he had a lot of other animal pieces.

“We had this old stuffed bear sitting around, and I was thinking, ‘What do I do with this?’

I knew that I wanted to try something a little more unique.

So I made a horse,” Tim explains.

“And then I made this stuffed bear that was this little bear.

I think that I’m making a lot more interesting stuff with the animal, but it’s definitely just a piece of my collection.

I made it with the horse, and then the horse and the stuffed bears.

I wanted them to have a lot in common.”

Tim explains that he used an old leather jacket that he had to sew on to the stuffed animals.

It’s a small project, but a lot has been done for it so far.

He says that he hopes to have the project finished by Christmas, which would be his birthday.

“Christmas is a big day,” he says.

He’s planning on having it up for sale.

Tim also created a tattoo that incorporates his family tree.

“My dad made this tree that he grew up on,” Tim said.

“The tree had a picture of my grandfather, who had his own tree in his yard.

I’m going to make this into a tattoo.

It is my family tree and my family’s tree.

I hope that people get a chance to see this tree tattooed.”

Tim’s project is now available for pre-order on Creative Tim’s site.

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